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Ron Skaggs Engraved Bob Loveless Boot Knife
List Price: $9,500.00
Collaboration Bob Loveless & S.R. Johnson Prototype Stag w/ Signed Sheath
List Price: $16,500.00
[Sale Pending]
R.W. Loveless Hand Signed "Living On The Edge" Logos of the Loveless Legend
List Price: $550.00
[Sale Pending]
Bob Loveless Nude Logo Riverside 5" Fighter #481 with Solder Joints
List Price: $8,500.00
Bob Loveless Loveless Merritt Logo Amber Stag Hide Out
List Price: $11,500.00
Bob Loveless 1954-1994 Desert Ironwood Wilderness Subhilt
List Price: $20,500.00
Bob Loveless Riverside Micarta Riverside Chute
List Price: $10,950.00